Oshna Solar Love is the creator of Evolve Earth intentional ecovillage and wishes to be a farm of seers that are aware and conscious beings.



Oshna attended to the needs of homeless animals and the mentally handicapped for most of his life in Iowa. He connected deeply with bears and moose as he explored the wild frontiers of Alaska.

He climbed the mountains of Colorado, California, and Utah – meditating 6 hours a day while fasting in the forest.  Oshna went on pilgrimages throughout Turkey with the spiritual guidance of a Sufi master.

Oshna taught children of all ages to swim the oceans, climb the mountains, swing on trees, and be strong healthy yogis.


In this great hug of dolphin love energy is the transference of the most wonderful feeling of great healing emotion of psychic healing love

He studied with the Shamans of Peruvian South America, learned the nine rites of the Munay-ki including the healers rite and the bands of power.

Oshna’s greatest desire is to be an inspiration to the world and lead the good people of the Earth towards their highest potential. He is passionate about helping people and animals with their health, wealth, and wisdom.

Oshna’s life goal is to see to it that all the children of all generations are blessed with pure and ideal peaceful love, air, shelter, water, and food.